What is referred to as "spray deck" or sometimes "knockdown" is a spray-down system that is knocked down with a trowel. This concrete overlay system provides a slip-resistant surface which makes it an excellent choice around pool decks. Some people refer to this as "cool deck", which is based on the principle that your feet touch less surface area because of the texture, making the surface feel cooler to the feet.  Our polymer modified systems are cutting edge and can be used for deck repair.  If you want an economical way to clean up your concrete, make it aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to the feet, and still have a wide area of colors to choose from, our spray deck system is for you. 

This system first involves repairing the cracks prior to application.  Please note that there is no guarantee that cracks won't reappear!  The substrate will ultimately determine reoccurrence.  If cracks are a concern of yours, our custom designed overlay section addresses this issue by incorporating cracks into a random pattern.  The next step involves putting down a base coat which is where we overlay the entire surface and get a clean canvas. This is followed by the spray deck coat which is applied with a hopper gun and knocked down with a trowel.  Prior to this coat, tape can be used to make patterns such as tile, brick, or stone.  After completion of the spray deck coat, we seal our concrete with high quality sealers.  Gripping agents can be added to the sealer, but aren't as necessary due to the grip the spray deck texture naturally provides.  Our spray deck system is the perfect system to economically enhance your concrete surface and add great slip resistance.

The wonderful aspect of a decorative concrete overlay is the ability to adapt and create the concrete into individual pieces of art, allowing us to fit each customers concrete needs.  The important aspect to remember is choosing a contractor with the skill to do the job.  If you give someone great overlay products, but fail to hire a person with the ability, your result will be a costly one.


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