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Thank you for your interest in Concrete Creations decorative concrete services.  Whether you are a contractor, business owner, or home owner in the Mississippi area, you will find our site helpful.  Our objective is to provide you with valuable information about the many decorative concrete finishes and applications we offer and answer some of your questions concerning decorative concrete.

Established in 1994, Concrete Creations has successfully polished thousands of square feet of concrete around the state.  Our customer base includes residential, commercial, industrial, educational, warehouse, and retail facilities. We not only provide this service for new construction, we are one of the few companies capable of renovating and polishing in an existing structure. Whether you are renovating or building new, Concrete Creations can provide you with beautiful, durable flooring that is easy to maintain.

Our various concrete applications include:

  • scored and stained concrete - beautiful and affordable for home or business
  • polished concrete - most durable flooring system on the market; ideal for residential, commercial, or industrial flooring
  • overlays - decorative patterns for pool decks, patios, driveways, etc.
  • sealed concrete - warehouses, industrial flooring and home maintenance

Our goal is to provide you with a high quality experience from start to finish.  We want to educate our customers about our concrete products and application methods, as much as possible, to ensure a quality, comfortable experience.

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